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Front Office Policies

  • Copayments must be collected at time of service.

  • Insurance cards must be up to date and be presented at time of visit.

  • Our office staff will confirm your insurance plan, home address and phone number at each visit to ensure your correct plan is billed. This will help to keep your information up to date and prevent you from being billed in error for services provided.

  • Photo identification may be required.

  • We will make every effort to see patients that arrive late; however not at the expense of other patients that arrive on time. If we cannot accommodate you in a timely manner, we may ask you to reschedule.

  • Patients that habitually make appointments and then do not show up will be asked to find another office.

Office Policies / Prescriptions




  • Please request refills at least 72 hours in advance.

  • Please provide all information on the online form or when you leave a message

  • If any information is missing, we cannot guarantee that the refill will be completed

  • Oakstone Health Center has adopted strict rules regarding addictive medications like narcotics, muscle relaxants, and "nerve pills" for your safety and to comply with the Drug Enforcement Agency regulations:

    • NEW PATIENTS: Under no circumstances will our office refill these medications without records received directly from your previous doctor's office. NO EXCEPTIONS!

    • Patients receiving addictive medications on an ongoing basis will be required to sign a contract agreeing to our policies. If the contract is violated, we will no longer prescribe these medications.

    • Patients picking up refill prescriptions must provide photo identification.

    • We do not replace medications or scripts that have been lost or stolen under any circumstances.

    • Those that attempt to fraudulently receive addictive medications will be fired from our practice and prosecuted

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